Thursday, 3 June 2010

Obey Convention IV Day 2: Catbag, Duzheknew, Dirty Beaches and Slim Twig at Khyber Ballroom, 28/05/10

Show 3. Probably one of my favourites. (The show where I had a flash shadow problem.) Everyone was good, everyone was great. Also the show I realised that Halifax really knows how to put shows on. And everyone dances and doesn't just stand there and act like an invalid or like they're too cool to do anything but bounce their chins (hello, Sydney). Totally dug Catbag. It was sloppy and roomy and interesting (thanks, brass instruments) and had good rhythms to get into. Duzheknew are all post-punk/new-wave glory and 'got all Sloan on us' (not my words. I also never realised that Sloan were from Halifax!).

Dirty Beaches and Slim Twig were absolutely top shit. Dirty Beaches had this excellent Western cowboy thing going on, some say it's 'scuzz pop'. Either way, 'tis excellent. Slim Twig was electric. It was sharp and sounded like shattered glass reforming into a sheet. That makes no sense. I loved it. I LUFF IT.

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