Sunday, 27 March 2011

Broadcast at the Forum, Sydney, 08/12/10

It was a treat to see this great band at their prime. RIP Trish.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Unity Floors, Bed Wettin' Bad Boys, and Sonny and the Sunsets at Googod Small Club, 10/03/11

Okay okay: I had seen Sonny and the Sunsets open for the Clean the night before this show (fuck yeah I saw The Clean = dreams do come true), and spent the day in-between the two thinking about this and jotted a little something down with all intentions of writing just that, expecting Sonny et al. to be basically the same as they were at the show with the Clean; which was good, and they sounded perfect and just like the album even if one of Sonny's strings broke and he seemed a little annoyed. And then this show came out of nowhere and Sonny busts out all these dance moves and banter and it's totally different and a lot more fun, essentially, but I think what I initially wrote still stands at least a little so I'm going to leave it here anyway. It went, very professionally, and apparently in some sugar induced over-talkativeness, exactly like this: "When I first heard the Sonny & the Sunsets album I was very much like "oh yeah, this is good and stuff but it's also sort of boring and so inoffensive that it is sort of offensive. But I gave it another chance or three because a lot of my friends were creaming themselves over how good this damn band was and how this album is perfect, so I come around a little more and I'm all okay okay "Too Young To Burn" is some tune alright, it's all up in my head for hours. So right now I'm still totally middling, and some songs are definitely better (Death Cream, that older woman song about Holly that's a bit VU) than others, and a lot just seems like filler-crap. But then I finally see them on Wednesday and to my surprise I'm enjoying it quite a bit. And so I find myself at the show the next night, mostly because the building I work in set on fire so I got the night off (woo) and well why not. And I come to this realisation that when this music is put in front of you, when this absolutely WHOLESOME (though at times smug) and American music is grinning with tambourines and maracas in front of you, it is basically impossible to ignore. And so everyone in the room is grinning and feeling nice about this nice band who play nice tunes that are not really all that special in themselves, and it becomes "so what" because everyone is having such a NICE time again, and that's pretty great, even if it's a little outside the music, and THAT is what's kind of special, you know.

(So this blog might have become the place I rant, but whatever). Unity Floors killed it, and BWBBs got a new drummer (Doug of Mountainfold Music magazine), lost some charm (sorry dudes). Also, it is worth mentioning that the sound at Goodgod is incredibly patchy, and standing at the front is a different sonic experience than standing on the left or right, and I was in the front where it's near shitty, so there's that.



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