Friday, 4 June 2010

Obey Convention IV Day 3: Cold Warps, Holy Cobras, and Dog Day at the Bus Stop Theatre, 29/05/10

I got very few usable photos. Did I mention that I really hate taking photos against a red backdrop? And the show was really packed? But the Bus Stop is still a sweet venue. I was pretty exhausted this day too, so don't remember the finer details of Cold Warps (good name though, myspace sounds good too. You can download their tape for free from their band page). Holy Cobras sounded tops, which I'm pleased about as it was the last time I had to see them, and I didn't get Dog Day at all. Everyone seemed really excited to see them, and seem really proud that they're Haligonians (ha! Hate that word.) but the keys player looked so bored and their songs almost sounded the same but I don't quite know what I was expecting nor had I ever heard them before. Growers maybe? I didn't even get any photos of them as I was a few rows back and packed in like a sardine. Oh well.

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