Friday, 30 September 2011

The Sweats, Woollen Kits, and Super Wild Horses at Repressed Records In-store, 20/08/11

God I love Woollen Kits. Super Wild Horses are pretty unstoppable, and new band The Sweats (ft. members of Royal Headache) will prove to be great once they've stuck around for a bit longer, I'll bet.

Repressed Records
Woollen Kits
Super Wild Horses

Radiant Live: Oblako Lodka and Hammocks and Honey at FBi Social, 25/08/11

Gorgeous set by Hammocks and Honey, who you should definitely definitely see if you get a chance. Their songs have a way of really creeping up on you and staying.

Special Award Records
Hammocks and Honey
Oblako Lodka

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Passing Strange #1: Street Talk, Marf Loth, Raw Prawn, and The Fighting League at OAF 22/09/11

New night at Oxfords Art Factory that is free and has cheap alcohol! What is there to say no to. Pretty into Raw Prawn (raw prawn raw prawn) and Street Talk and Marf Loth, too. The Fighting League are into being "calypso." The next Passing Strange is on October 20 and The Nugs are playing(!) with Mere Women and etc.

(Think I might return to monochrome.)

Street Talk
Marf Loth

The Fighting League



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