Saturday, 21 August 2010

Woollen Kits and Royal Headache at Newtown RSL, 20/08/10

Newtown RSL is really wide and lots of people were there to fill it out but it felt kind of weird as a venue BUT (breath) that being said the show was top notch. Lovely that I actually got to catch Woollen Kits this time (last time I saw them was last year in Melbourne, and after the incident last night!). Maybe not everyone's bag (insert lazy Beat Happening reference here, though I think it's become less apparent) but I enjoy it immensely. It's all teenage digs and unadorned pop songs that make ya grin. Royal Headache are pretty much the new Eddy Current Suppression Ring re: crowd composition, and it was near impossible to stand right at the front without getting my knees broken (but I did get some wicked bruises) so I skipped to side stage and observed in delight. The played set list was totally different to what was on the written one (new vs. old) and they played Girls and Honey Joy for crowd merriment. Soon to be selling out huge venues.

(edit: Morris over at Sydney Tapes recorded the shows for your listening pleasure. Fun!)

(thanks to Damo from The Warm Feelings - who also played but I only got the tail end of - for organising this show.)

Bed Wettin' Bad Boys (and Woollen Kits) at the Oxford Arts Factory, 19/08/10

Firstly, OAF sucks and I didn't get to see Woollen Kits because they wouldn't let me re-enter (apparently a photocopied passport is accepted everywhere else but OAF). I did manage to waltz my way in in time for 'fender certified' Bed Wettin' Bad Boys though, this time featuring Shortty (Royal Headache) on drums which meant none of that instrument swappin' stuff and no mess around bad boys. I pretty well enjoyed it and I think that was the general consensus. They also did a Devo cover yeah yeah yeah.

Check out the recording by Morris at his blog, Sydney Tapes.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Bed Wettin' Bad Boys, Naked On The Vague, and Circle Pit at The Sandringham Hotel, 01/08/10

Fundraiser for Circle Pit's USA tour (of which I cannot find the dates anywhere which is a bit silly). The new band room at The Sando is pretty sweet and wasn't there before I left. On the note of before I left, the last thing I heard come out of one of the BWBB's mouths was "I'm sick of people thinking of us as a joke band!" and they did good. They're fer real now and it's gewd. NOTV are jus' wonderful (and always have been) and Circle Pit were pretty on the money for their infamous hit-or-miss reputation. It was good to hear the songs off the albums they've released in my absence. I'm not all too enamoured with the shots, but yeah and stuff. How's my new lazy writing style.

Peewee at the Whores House (ha! Rose St House), 31/07/10

Peewee are my favourite shambolic bangin' surf guitar band in Sydney and they cushioned the blow of being back in this shit hole. I think this was the last house show for this residence too.




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