Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Garbage and The Flowers at Hibernian House, 10/09/11

There's news that TGATF are getting the Stone Rehearsal tapes pressed to LP finally, as well as talk of the double LP being re-released, which is nothing but great to hear. For a band that's been around for so long and had, I'd say, a sly influence on so many practising bands today, their merch is incredibly hard to get a hold of. I'm pretty excited by the news at least, and for their seeming nonchalance in regards to most "band stuff," it was really nice to see them play at Hibernian House and not be a complete mess (Torben Tilly came out with this quote, which is one of my favourites, and I never know what to expect of them after reading it, though many years have passed and I'm nearly sure the line-up is different: "Sometimes however, through our own hazardous doing as a band, or an anomalous black star, a schnoollee, these songs would become unhinged and collapse into fractured shards of noise and disunion, leaning heavily like wine. This was especially the case when playing live, even if it was intentional (the drugs and alcohol) or accidental (the drugs and alcohol). Part of its beauty was that almost at the same instant that it was falling apart it was beginning to fall back together again, creating a counterpoint of melancholy and joy. I quite like it when it is so chaotic and entangled. Somehow it feeds the imagination and the music takes on a life of its own, revealing secret patterns and ghosts in the recordings.")



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