Sunday, 6 June 2010

Obey Convention IV Day 3: Meat Curtains, Mess Folk, Ultrathin, Homostupids, and U.S. Girls at Khyber Ballroom, 29/05/10

The biggest and most [good spirited] violent show of the festy. All out destruction and bad ass behaviour. Thank goodness I left Dog Day early and got to see Meat Curtains (how can you say no to a girl band called Meat Curtains?). Abrasive I-don't-give-a-fuck crude songs, I haven't been able to get the line I hate rock 'n roll / I'm so bored of these three chords out of my head. This is the band I always wanted to be in if I wasn't tone deaf. This would be the band I'd go to see every time they played if I lived in Halifax. Mess Folk were kind of the other end of the spectrum to Meat Curtains re: their songs which were all about manly things and beating chicks 'n shit. It was pretty great and energetic though. Ultrathin had to play a short set unfortunately but everyone made the most of it and brutalised their bodies in preparation for Homostupids who tried their very hardest to keep their instruments strapped to their bodies and their mics close-ish to their mouths amongst the chaos that was the circle pit. U.S. Girls took it down a notch, to be honest I left half-way through her set 'cos I couldn't keep my eyes open much longer but what I stayed for was good and I do like her record, too. Party.


  1. Check Mess Folk new 7" just out on french label Plastic Spoons Records : 4 killer tracks . AWESOME !!!
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