Monday, 22 March 2010

Teen Anger and Holy Cobras at 854 Bronson Ave's Basement, 19/03/10

A good night, it was good to be at a house show, seeing bands in a basement and with a fairly healthy turnout (I guess? Not being from here I can never tell). I guess it was the closest thing to a show I would go to back home in Sydney in warehouses, except in this basement they had a mixer and all. It was complete with dude fisting the air, antagonising band members and feeding everyone whiskey, lovely generous folk passing joints around and some serious feet shufflin' (of the grooving kind, not the awkward-look-around-the-room, stare-at-feet, shuffle). Teen Anger (Toronto) play bluesy-garage stompers that make you want to mess up your hair and howl. This was the third time I have seen Holy Cobras (they seem to be Ottawa's hardest working band and always play on good bills. It helps that they're real good.), it wasn't the best I've seen them - there was a fill-in drummer and what I will assume to be a substance brimmed singer - but it was still damn enjoyable. They always manage to involve the crowd too which I dig. This time it was opinions on global warming and acid rain. Someone said not acid rain, PURPLE RAIN! I was next but I didn't hear what was said last so I moved away, but I wish I said something about Raspberry Beret aka. my favourite Prince song. OH REGRETS! The photos are a little too bright and out of focus but fuck you, I don't care.

(For a minute I wasn't sure if he was going to get up)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The Silver Birch Society, Flotilla and Boats at Raw Sugar Cafe, 14/03/10

Or 03/14/10 so it makes more sense as π [Pi] day (!) and as I am in North America...
The Silver Birch Society were absolutely charming and for me, the best of the evening even though I think they're a relatively new outfit. If my memory isn't to fail me (I was severely underslept), at the best of times they ventured into eerie folk-ish territory, all empty landscapes and branches rustling in the wind. I enjoyed it the most when they were both on guitar, subtle loving glances thrown to each other. Go see them next time they play! Wasn't interested by sounds being made by Flotilla at all, they are without a doubt all very talented (except maybe the drummer. Goodness I am awful.) but I felt like it should have been hushed and intimate and then it would have worked, instead it was all too loud and over the top (for my tastes anyway). They call themselves Indie/Classical/IDM though so I guess they're going for something else entirely and I missed it. I did enjoy Boats somewhat though, even though I'd never listen to them at home because the guy's voice is really grating. It was sit-around-a-campfire-and-sing music, (which worked well to pull me out of my half-slumber state at least), they seemed to be really enjoying it too which is always nice to see. I don't really have much of an opinion on them. End.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Black Feelings and Japanther at Babylon Nightclub, 10/03/10

SWEET SWEATY TIMES (is almost all I want to say). Missed the Shakey Aches who I heard were tops, but got there to see Montreal's Black Feelings who I was really looking forward to as they cite This Heat as an influence, and with that I wasn't not going to enjoy them - which I did, very much. Then came Japanther. To be honest I only have Tut Tut Shake Ya Butt and I don't love it, by any means. I don't really listen to it. And I had heard things about too much backing track etc., but they were really lots of fun and sounded good. It quickly descended into smelly (good-hearted) mayhem which was brills. Oh, and I'm quite pleased with the pictures, too.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Bobby Birdman, someone awful and YACHT at Ritual Nightclub, Ottawa, 06/03/10

My external flash totally failed me for this show as it was battery-life less and I neglected to check, but luckily the light at Ritual was alright so hurr are tha picturrz. This type of show isn't usually my kinda thing but it was actually really enjoyable except for the 2nd support act whose name escapes me (this is probably a good thing) and was ABSOLUTELY AWFUL. I walked out to poison my lungs while she was playing. Bobby Birdman should have had that slot as there was hardly anyone there to enjoy his funny little dances. Alas, funny little dances were witnessed during YACHT who were quite tops and definitely daggy dance friendly (aka the only way I know how).



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