Monday, 31 May 2010

Obey Convention IV Day 2: Les Beyond / Chik White & Evan Cardwell, Chris d'Eon, Gown & Ryan Kirk, Amen Dunes and Paul Metzger 28/05/10

Day 2 show 1: Lost & Found Gallery. Missed first act, art on walls was good. I think it was Les Beyond who I caught (formerly of Shearing Pinx who are awesome). Uninteresting drone. I do think that with these kind of acts you need to have seen them a few times for them to be appreciated though, kind of build up a familiarity. Therefore lost on me.

Show 2: Bus Stop Theatre. Another early evening show of experimental acts. My photos are kind of crap. My brain is saturated with how many shows that I've seen as part of this that I can't go into details. I do remember thinking of Chris d'Eon when he first came on - oh, another white guy yelling tribal-like anthems with freak-folk shit going on in the background (go on, get into that authenticity argument) but after the first song it kind of became like 80s synth dance pop fun and I dug it lots. He played his laptop like a synth. Gown & Ryan Kirk were pretty great for half their set and pretty lost for the other half, I think it was an (half) improv thing but they seemed to be on a different page for a while, then it got all Western movie sounding and loud and good again. Paul Metzger was brills, he had this contraption that sounded like an old music box with rubber bands and an electrical banjo type thing (again, my terminology is astounding). It started out like a grim fairytale and went into full blown horror soundtrack. Cool indeed. I guess Amen Dunes was good but unmemorable.

 (Chik White & Evan Cardwell) //

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