Friday, 21 January 2011

Dead Farmers, Songs, Total Control, Straight Arrows, and Thee Oh Sees at the Annandale Hotel, 15/01/11

Some half-assed photos from this show, which was actually loads of fun. 3 out 5 bands ended up playing the next day at Summer Vibes festival (I'm waiting to get my film developed for that one, and to see if there are any decent shots at all) and somehow were even better than this night, so it acted as a nice little primer sort of deal. Songs have 2 new members, their drummer and guitarist, and I don't love the guitarist because he sort of fucked up "Oh No" which is my favourite song of theirs. Still, the new songs (actual songs) sounded great, and it was their first show with the new line-up, so I guess we'll see. Everyone else was great, but Total Control stole the night.



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