Monday, 7 June 2010

Obey Convention IV Day 4: Charles Blazevic, Long Long Long, Omon Ra II, and Play Guitar at the Bus Stop Theatre, 30/05/10

The very final show of what was possibly the greatest festival I've attended in a spectacularly long time - given that I didn't know who a large majority of the bands were, didn't know anybody there etc etc. What success! My highlights were Pierre Bastien, Meat Curtains, Fuck Montreal and Long Long Long who played this final show. Who cares about the other bands. Long Long Long were sweet sweet sweet. Such grand song writing! Such good hooks! So much pigeon-toe stance! I couldn't even get any real shots of them as I was right behind the drummer who had his back to me (and it was impossible to move). Anyway, enough gush. Charles Blazevic played before them with some weird looking thing that reminded me of that game minesweepers or something. It was good stuff though.
I was looking forward to seeing Omon Ra II prior to this show and was a little bit disappointed to be honest, maybe it had something to do with the Ramones cover they did which was shit (second of the festival, it just seems that nobody can cover the Ramones well). I also expected it to be more surfy and tambouriney. But it got there in the end. Play Guitar pretty much encountered every single problem that they could: leads not working, amps not working, pedals not working, strings breaking, I'll bet there was more. Lead singer looked pissed off. It wasn't great (what could be after Long Long Long), I'm a snob.. Many a merci to the festival organisers and participants. Wish I could make it back next year, but alas, continents apart and all that.

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