Monday, 7 June 2010

Obey Convention IV Day 4: Campaign for Infinity Showcase + Weird Canada BBQ at Lost and Found Gallery, 30/05/10

Final day of glory. Afternoon BBQ action and record spinning from that guy who runs that excellent website for Canadian happenings as well as some real live music. A feast for all senses! Playing this little event was Pierre Richardson (I think going under the name Self Surgery? Also half of Bruised Tongue Records and the one usually taking the photos) on a bunch of pedals and sampling things and making good noise, The Ether who I really really dug even though their singer broke his ankle and had to sit down (to not sit down music), and The Friendly Dimension who were also great and full of fun chit-chat ("I bought this amp with money my Dad gave me, he got really mad and is never giving me any money again"). PIG also played but I thought it was over and left without seeing them. Oops?

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