Saturday, 19 June 2010

Superdestroyers, Young Mammals and Useless Eaters at the Saturn Bar, New Orleans, 17/06/10

I want to say that New Orleans is really cool but that would be a lie because it's actually sweltering fuckin' hot. BUT is it a very good city. And I went to this little bar in the middle of I don't know where because I've only been here a night, and it's kitschy and dingy and there's no stage which is a bit of fun. And Superdestroyers played who are locals and had a rollicking good time but I probably had a bit less fun than them during their set because it was kind of straight-up punk with no twists. And then Young Mammals from Houston played and they were really swell, wonderful powerpop and I'm not really sure how anyone stood still at all. Useless Eaters finished and that was real fun too, and tomorrow night I'm going to a hardcore show because why not!


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