Monday, 28 November 2011

Songs and Dick Diver at Goodgod Small Club 12/11/11

Sort of disappointed with how these photos came out, but Dick Diver are such a fine band that I couldn't not put them here. You can stream the whole album or buy it from Chapter Music.

Also, I'll be going away for seven months and I'm not sure what will happen to this blog (mostly because I am entirely unsure of which camera to travel with and might just throw my hands in the air and take neither,) but if it's of interest I'll likely be posting more inane stuff on tumblr.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Loene Carmen and The Bats at Notes Live, 15/10/11

Notes has this really awful "adult contemporary" atmosphere: it's expensive (for a poor loser such as myself,) there are tables in front of most of the stage, weird grey carpet, and gross casino chairs. As much as I love The Bats, and though they played as well as ever and were as charming as anything, I left early. The venue was just too weird. I wish the promoters had thought a bit harder about this one, though I suppose there are very few places left to choose from.

The Bats

Street Talk at GhettoBlaster/Q Bar, 01/10/11

Don't ever go to GhettoBlaster lest you want to be assaulted with nearly everything you hate about the world (AKA extroverted, over-the-top wankers.) Do go see Street Talk.

Street Talk



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