Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Visitors and Year Zero at Rock 'n Roll Pizza Party, NIXNE Nightclub, 29/04/10

Remember when it was 2001 or 1998 or something like that when pop-punk was it and you were so young that even if it wasn't you didn't care 'cos you got to air guitar around your room and jump on mattresses with your friends and those were the songs that you probably played in your first band before you discovered the world of actual interesting music. Well The Visitors were a bit like those fond memories you hold of those days and how good/bad your haircut was. Plus, they sounded a little bit like Hole on Celebrity Skin when the girl sang and I love Hole and that album. So yeah, they were fun. Year Zero probably aim/ed for the same thing with fun songs, and their songs are fun (I have the tape!) but I walked out after 3 songs to be honest, and it might have gotten better towards the end of their set but I was so bored by it that I don't really care if they did. No stage presence, and pop-punk, to be good these days, really needs that I think. At least there was an excellent Japanese film with lots of blood playing in the background.
Also, I leave Ottawa so soon! Madness. Halifax photos/gigs will be brills.

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