Monday, 19 April 2010

CHUO Fundraiser with The Shakey Aches, Holy Cobras and the band whose name is a symbol at The Dominion Tavern, 17/04/10

It's funding drive! CHUO put on a show! Community radio is totally bad ass and you should make a pledge to your fave program! More exclamation marks! CHUO staff also all listen to really bangin' tunes and thus the selection of fine young (and not so young) bands playing this fundraiser. The Shakey Aches were all incarnations of pop-/proto-/garage-/country-/blues- punk. Yes that is lots of prefixes and no I'm probably not on the money with all of them but why not. I love Holy Cobras and they're always (always!) fun to watch but the mix for them was pretty shit and as such it sounded really muted when I wanted it to be all enveloping. But still, try listen to them and stand still the whole time. Not possible I tells ya. And the band whose name is a symbol ... I don't even know what to say. 9-piece psychedelic-extravaganza, everyone was blissing out. Check out the religious-experience facial expressions. Just go see them when they play. There were lots of old dudes (sorry, am I showing my age?) having a good ol' dance too. Muchos fun.

(so devastated this is unfocused! wasn't quick enough.) (the band whose name is a symbol don't have any sort of website, but their drummer runs Birdman Sound Record store so this'll do. When I googled the band whose etc. Prince's wikipedia page came up as like, the 9th result. Awesome!)


  1. amazing shots...thanks for coming out

  2. is todd trainer playing violin in that last band?!




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