Sunday, 30 May 2010

Obey Convention IV Day 1: L/P, Fuck Montreal, The Robins, and Bad Vibrations at Gus' Pub, 27/05/10

Show 2. Everyone made their way over to Gus' pub - a grand spot I must say - for some good punk tunes after the experimental phenomena just witnessed at Khyber (good transitions). I don't remember what L/P sounded like enough to describe it here, but they were pretty cool. Fuck Montreal though were great. Great I say! My favourite of the evening I think. They don't stick to genres or conventions and have a video clip of them slaughtering chickens. Isn't that enough? Yes, yes it is. They sound like they could be on a No New York compilation.

The Robins did an awful Ramones cover to open but won favour back by being funny and 60 year old feet leaving the ground several times. Bad Vibrations gave off a lot of good vibrations and everyone went mental. I'm learning that that's a Halifax thing. Day 2 up when I get around to it.

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