Monday, 19 April 2010

Laura Peek and Brent Randall and his Pinecones at Raw Sugar Cafe, 16/04/10

Took myself out on a whim to what I thought might have been some sort of Just Friends Records party, knowing nothing about the bands playing (every time I'm at the radio station I look up at a poster of theirs and think that all the bands look like such fun. That's effective advertising for you!). It was totes cute but I seemed to be one of about 4 paying punters which is a bit unfortunate, although Raw Sugar was the perfect spot for it, tea and crochet flowers (handmade by Ms. Peek, I bought one, it's loverly) and spectacles and books (and books falling off shelves as literature jokes were cracked. How's that for timing) and fun magnet words in the bathrooms that make you want to stay in there for 6 minutes coming up with several witty and/or twee sentences. 'Cos that's the kind of place Raw Sugar Cafe is and that's the kind of music that you feel like when you go there to stick your nose in a book. These photos are kind of shitty, but y'know. They're here anyway.

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