Monday, 12 April 2010

We Fled Cairo, Adam Saikaley, Daniel Francis Doyle, and Growing at Babylon Nightclub, 09/04/10

4 bands! $10! Seriously under attended! I guess there was quite a bit on on Friday night and experimental/noise music isn't really Ottawa's thing (pop punk seems to be the door to success here). We Fled Cairo (Ottawa) were almost disjunct instrumental post-rock. Because post-rock isn't really my bag I haven't much else to add to that. It was by no means bad though. Adam Saikaley I could dig much more, loud and atmospheric drone/ambient/noise from [an apparently] classically trained pianist. Daniel Francis Doyle is from Austin and a one man band feat. loop pedal, a guitar and really hard-hitting drums. I'm undecided whether I liked it or not- there was a certain obnoxious appeal to it though, something almost rebellious in the same way that Daniel Johnston is (that's what they call lazy journalism and/or writing, kids. Lucky I claim to be neither of these so comparisons ahoy). By the time Growing (Brooklyn) came on the crowd had diminished somewhat more, and they seemed visibly perturbed. Possibly why they played such a seemingly short set. They have just expanded to become a three piece, but I never knew them as a two-piece so have no comparisons to make. They're all pedals and drum machines and heavy on the sampling and it was totally ruling. (Sorry, I'm not much in the mood for writing tonight.)

I also went to see Land of Talk on Saturday night in lovely Wakefield, but did not bring my camera along. It was tops though.


  1. when I saw Growing back in 2004 there was nobody there either.. they played at 6pm (!!) at the Forum in Melbourne. Pity, cos they were awesome.

  2. growing have always played very short sets. Like i saw them at a well attended show at a recording studio in montreal and they played for 35 minutes. 30-40 seems average for any period of growing [glitch or total drone ambient periods].

    awesome show.




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