Monday, 22 March 2010

Teen Anger and Holy Cobras at 854 Bronson Ave's Basement, 19/03/10

A good night, it was good to be at a house show, seeing bands in a basement and with a fairly healthy turnout (I guess? Not being from here I can never tell). I guess it was the closest thing to a show I would go to back home in Sydney in warehouses, except in this basement they had a mixer and all. It was complete with dude fisting the air, antagonising band members and feeding everyone whiskey, lovely generous folk passing joints around and some serious feet shufflin' (of the grooving kind, not the awkward-look-around-the-room, stare-at-feet, shuffle). Teen Anger (Toronto) play bluesy-garage stompers that make you want to mess up your hair and howl. This was the third time I have seen Holy Cobras (they seem to be Ottawa's hardest working band and always play on good bills. It helps that they're real good.), it wasn't the best I've seen them - there was a fill-in drummer and what I will assume to be a substance brimmed singer - but it was still damn enjoyable. They always manage to involve the crowd too which I dig. This time it was opinions on global warming and acid rain. Someone said not acid rain, PURPLE RAIN! I was next but I didn't hear what was said last so I moved away, but I wish I said something about Raspberry Beret aka. my favourite Prince song. OH REGRETS! The photos are a little too bright and out of focus but fuck you, I don't care.

(For a minute I wasn't sure if he was going to get up)

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