Sunday, 14 March 2010

Black Feelings and Japanther at Babylon Nightclub, 10/03/10

SWEET SWEATY TIMES (is almost all I want to say). Missed the Shakey Aches who I heard were tops, but got there to see Montreal's Black Feelings who I was really looking forward to as they cite This Heat as an influence, and with that I wasn't not going to enjoy them - which I did, very much. Then came Japanther. To be honest I only have Tut Tut Shake Ya Butt and I don't love it, by any means. I don't really listen to it. And I had heard things about too much backing track etc., but they were really lots of fun and sounded good. It quickly descended into smelly (good-hearted) mayhem which was brills. Oh, and I'm quite pleased with the pictures, too.

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