Monday, 8 February 2010

Back to the Beach w/ KOKOMO PUNX and MOTHER'S CHILDREN at Babylon Nightclub, 06/02/10

Beach-themed party in -10 degrees when it is actually 30 degrees at home in Sydney was kind of cruel. But people came rockin' hawaiian shirts and shorts and got down to the sweet tunes of 70s surf-punk and 60s girl group numbers; there was even punch and a barber who I got a free fringe cut from (why not). Kokomo Punx were pretty bangin' - they played instrumental versions of all those familiar 70s songs (don't ask me to name them) and had a horn section (one dude) hidden in the corner who probably made the whole thing. Mother's Children were kind of fun but I got distracted by the amazing film being projected behind them (I think it was Beach Party?). More back-up vocals please.
Photos aren't very good, but here are some anyway.

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