Friday, 19 February 2010

AIDS Wolf, Mouthus and Velvet Chrome at Casa Del Popolo, Montreal 13/02/10

I went to Montreal for this show and it was super sweet. I don't really remember that much of Velvet Chrome to be honest, I do recall enjoying the last song very much though. At first I couldn't really dig Mouthus at all because they sounded like a less refined version of The Dead C, lots of guitar noise and not enough pedal noise, and not that I know the first thing about writing about music but I felt like there wasn't enough repetition behind the noise, so there wasn't really anything to grab onto. But that kind of came in the middle foray into sound and I began to enjoy it a lot more. I ended up buying their split with Yellow Swans the next day too, so I guess it lasted. AIDS Wolf were excellent, even though they had some technical fuck-up that lasted a bit less than 10 minutes, it was full of energy and they swung straight back into it. There are so many photos of them because they were so fucking good, I tried my hardest to cull too!
Chloe's (AIDS Wolf) outfit by Jasa Baka. You can find more of her stuff here.

I still can't get the formatting for this crap right, so please, click for actual photo!

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