Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Grand Trine, The Blind Shake and Holy Cobras, Babylon Nightclub, 16/01/10

This was a pretty tops show which I kinda wasn't expecting from Ottawa. I do like to be proven wrong though.

Holy Cobras were bone-grooving fun, despite sunglasses on stage, The Blind Shake were good but I didn't warm to them as much as the others, and Grand Trine were brutal. The kids went nuts, the singer got all Iggy Pop on everyone and they did a Wipers covers. Top shit. I missed several photo ops towards the end as I received a bit of a battering and soon after my neurosis grew and I feared for my precious camera so I put it away, regretfully.

To the photos, then.


edit: I can't figure out this formatting shit, click on the snaps and you'll get the whole picture rather than the cut-in-half ones on the page.


  1. You can make the pictures smaller by clicking on them and dragging them into a smaller size after you've uploaded them into the editor.

    Come check out Holy Cobras and Kurt Vile on February 23rd!


  2. Will for sure be at Kurt Vile!




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