Friday, 3 December 2010

Superstar, Bum Creek, Naked On the Vague, and Holy Balm at Goodgod Smallclub, 05/11/10

I'm so behind with updating this thing.

Superstar played for a really long time and I got bored after a while. I will not even mention Bum Creek because I'm so torn on their ludicrousness. Naked On the Vague were fresh off the heels of a European tour, and they were good, but I just can't help but think to the phenomenal show that they played at Flip Out Festival last year which set the bar so high and that they are yet to top. Holy Balm rule my life and your life if/when you see them live which you should do because we all want/need a tropical-jam-dance-party in our life. This was supposed to be their 7" launch but they never arrived on time (and I'm fairly sure that they still haven't arrived on our shores. C'mon though c'mon I want one of these guys so I can boogie really badly in my room). Also, Holy Balm killed it the week before this show at the Opera House for Screen Live #6, and before that supporting Boredoms. So you should probably vote for Holy Balm as 'Best Live Act' in the Mess+Noise 2010 Readers Poll, because I don't think they've ever disappointed (while you're there, put NOTV as one of your top 5 albums. Lick my shoe. Further instructions in next blog post. I promise it will be in colour and the photos might be better, or I could be lying, I have barely looked at them.).

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