Sunday, 24 October 2010

Auraltered State #5: Fucked and Horse Macgyver at Performance Space, CarriageWorks 23/10/10

Fucked are fucked, Fucked make fucked music, do fucked covers of songs, more fucked statements etc. But really, Fucked are a Melbourne duo playing abrasive (fucking) noise with a sax, a bunch of pedals, and a drum kit. It was actually kind of great, and I imagine cathartic. I only thought it felt a little over-performed, but in giving it some more thought the music definitely calls for a performative aspect and it would have lessened the whole thing greatly without it. Horse Macgyver (formerly ///▲▲▲\\\) was rulin', throw around words like breakcore, witch house, drag, I don't know what those stupid genres consist of but I enjoyed it (the visuals were pretty great, too). The next Auraltered Space is Wednesday November 10 with The Garbage and The Flowers (!!!!), 6majik9, and Defektro. It's free (thanks, ArtsNSW and dualpLover) and I'll be there despite the fact that I have two essays due the next day.

(You can download Fucked for free here and a Horse Macgyver song here.)

 (Fucked) Macgyver)


  1. That gig was quite possibly the worst thing I've ever had the misfortune to come across. Maybe I'm just not 'it' any more, but if you're going to make music that sounds like screaming noise, at least have the decency to display that you have at least a modicum of talent (ref: Black Metal screaming bands).

    Absolute, 100% epic fail.

  2. I like that you tagged the video as 'Alternative Rock'




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