Monday, 12 July 2010

No Coffins, Social Junk, Double Dagger, and Lightning Bolt at The Ox, Philadelphia, 29/06/10

I finally got all my film developed (didn't want my digital to get battered in the dance storm) - it was over 2 rolls and you can see where I start the second roll, because I forgot to change my settings from 200 to 400 for the first roll and the colours came out kind of funny. Blah blah etc.
A really excellent show, all the bands were worth seeing. I particularly enjoyed Social Junk and would like to get my hands on some of their noisy output- I only wish they played for longer. Dude from Double Dagger was quite entertaining and kept touching people's faces. And well, Lightning Bolt. Lightning Bolt. I love that these guys could and do sell out decent-sized venues but still play shows in warehouses and only charge $10. And I just have to mention what an impressive space The Ox is, it kind of made me fall a bit in love with Philly. (No Coffins)

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